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My Experience

My Experience

I like to share all the learning that I have gathered over the years. I have taught many people who have become teachers because of my classes and my teaching.
I provide a safe space where you can explore and enjoy your personal experience of yoga poses, breathing and relaxation. Yoga will change your body and enhance your state of mind either short-term or long-term, if you can practise frequently enough. Try it and see!

Each class is a new experience, each day is different, so go at your own pace. Notice what you ‘feel’and ‘sense’in your body and bring yourself into a state of “Presence within yourself” before we start, and during the class. If you arrive late to class, you will miss this preparation time.
Yoga is a time to be still, to be free from your responsibilities and demands being made on you. It is a time and space for “you”. Yoga is a discipline and commitment to yourself – it is an exacting practice for mental discipline and it develops integrity and emotional stamina.

I believe that our body is a reflection of what is in our mind and it tells all that we need to know to get through life’s experiences. Keep it well, keep it strong, keep it supple and your body will serve you well.
Whilst some say that our body is of secondary importance in spiritual life – what do we do when our body breaks down! Body, emotions and consciousness need to synchronize for our well being. If our body is weak we cannot use the life-force energy that we are given pre-birth. Yogic practices keep the Life-force flowing in our body, bringing about equilibrium at all levels.

My core training has been Iyengar Yoga and I have also benefited from a training in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Kundalini Yoga and Yoga Pranayama. I have transformed a couple of classes to Gravity Yoga (copyrighted by its creator) whilst still incorporating Iyengar teaching. This is a gentler system based on the principle of gravity and taught for people who are either very stiff or have developed strong muscles through sports.

My classes vary in pace and there is something for everyone – sometimes dynamic and energetic, sometimes relaxed quieter classes, sometimes discussion points.
If you are open to experiencing yoga without expectation or presumption, you will reap good benefits.

Timetables & Dates

Timetables and Dates

I run weekly classes in Oakwood, LS8, morning or afternoon or evening, catering for Complete Beginners to Advanced.
I offer occasional Saturday morning Kundalini classes, usually on demand.

” I like your natural easy-going style of teaching and your attention to detail and your focus.”¬† Mike T.

News from Kristal

News from Kristal

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