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My Experience

My Experience

I share all the learning that I have gathered over the years and taught many people some of whom have become teachers as a consequence of attending my classes.
I create a safe, dedicated space where you can explore and enjoy your experience of yoga poses, breathing and relaxation.
Yoga changes our body and our state of mind when practised frequently. The more you practice, the deeper the benefits and changes you will notice in yourself. Yoga is needed in this Age of technology, fast living and financial demands. When we become “out of sorts”, yoga practice re-balances our Energy.
Thoughts and emotions affect our Energetic equilibrium. When our thoughts are negative, our Energy turns to low frequency. Positive thought creates higher frequency of Energy, therefore a healthier balance occurs in our body. The downfall of Mankind is the Mind, and yoga gives us the opportunity to maintain our own balance as much as is possible. It is hard work following a spiritual practice in cities – a space for yoga can be your haven.

Some people argue that meditation is their preference. Others find Hatha Yoga. I believe that physical yoga can work as a meditation…..a “meditation in action”.
The ancient Yogis, who discovered Yoga through their own practices, decided it was important to engage the physical body as they believed that ‘sitting meditation’ focussed too much on the mind.
Each practice is a new experience, each day is a new day. You cannot compare your practice today to the one from yesterday – yesterday has gone, today is Present Time, tomorrow does not exist other than in our mind space.

Notice what you ‘feel’and ‘sense’in your body and bring yourself into a state of “Still Presence within yourself” before we start, and during the postures. If you arrive late to class, you will miss this preparation time and you will briefly disturb the Energetic space.

Yoga is a time to be still, to be free from your work or family demands. It gives you a time and space for your relationship with yourself and those around you. Yoga is a discipline and commitment – it is an exacting and exciting practice which develops integrity, physical and emotional stamina, greater contentment and inner peace.

Your body can reflect what is in your mind. Keep it well, keep it strong, keep it supple and your body will serve you well. We all age, we all die and yoga can prolong our time on this Earth.
Whilst some say that our body is of secondary importance in spiritual life – what do we do when our body breaks down! We need our body to be healthy so that we can live a fulfilling life on this Earth.
Body, emotions and consciousness need to synchronize for our well- being. If our body is weak we cannot use the life-force with which we are endowed and blessed. Yogic practices keep the Life-force flowing.

I offer you a Yoga practice interweaving aspects of all the trainings that I have completed. I bring my own practice experiences to my classes – not teaching “from a book”.
My classes contain something for everyone and contain everything for everyone.
If you are open to experiencing Yoga without expectation or presumption, you will reap the benefits.

Timetables & Dates

Timetables and Dates

I run weekly (bookable) classes in Oakwood, LS8, morning /evening, catering for Complete Beginners to Advanced.
I offer Kundalini Yoga on demand.
I run one “Stretch and Tone” class at Seven Arts Centre, Chapel Allerton LS7 (Thursdays 12.10 – 1pm).

” I like your natural easy-going style of teaching and your attention to detail and your focus.”¬† Mike T.

News from Kristal

News from Kristal

Classes at Seven arts

Relax and Stretch on Friday afternoons!